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    What do you say 

    When someone tells you 

    They want to make love to you 

    Although have love for another


    "You’re beautiful"

    "You’re beautiful"

    "You’re beautiful"

    Just say that..

    I’m everything you have ever wanted 

    And that is enough to last a lifetime 

    For the First Time

    If it rains in Dallas
    Can we cuddle together
    & listen to the drops of sadness

    If it rains in Dallas
    Will you look for me
    Or be content with
    the ones who speak

    If it rains in Dallas
    I’ll keep warm with thoughts
    Of the unknown

    Well it rained
    And you’re here

    Favored love

    Can’t I just be in love
    With you

    Can’t you just be the
    Only person I want

    Can’t we just know
    Our love

    And be happy

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